Spread the shoe cabinet love!

As a professional organiser I have a slight fetish for a storage solution! Shoe cabinets are up there with drawer dividers and random size boxes for being the most useful solution around for all kinds of storage. That’s right peeps, lets think beyond shoes for theses babies. Here are my top 5 reasons to go get yourself a shoe cabinet.

They fit in small narrow spaces
Most are less than 25cm deep making them perfect for narrow hallways. These Ikea Trones shoe cabinets are just 18cm deep!

They’re not just for shoes
We have 3 in our hallway and only the kids one has shoes in. I do my make up in the hallway so I keep my make up and things I often need as I walk out the door in mine. My partner keeps his work books in that he needs to take to work.

It almost annoys me that they’re called shoe cabinets as they’re perfect for paper organisation and a whole heap of other uses. If we had room I would have another for scarves and gloves in the winter. In the summer I keep the kids suncream and sun hats in mine. Suncream in the hallway!..Madness I hear you shout, suncream belongs in the bathroom! Well I never put the kids sun cream on in the bathroom, its always right as we go out the door or while chasing them round the living room which is just off the hallway. In winter its in the bathroom but in the summer, keeping the suncream in the hallway is the most logical place in our house.

They keep your hallway clutter free
Or anywhere else for that matter, these aren’t just for hallways. Why not have one next to your dining table to hold table clothes and placemats?

They can look pretty stylish
Even the Trones Ikea ones, I’ve seen photos on Pinterest with them all in a line with a wooden mantle on top and they look like they’ve just stepped out of a home style magazine.

They’re affordable
You can get them in Ikea for as little as £10 each! Enough said.


Give everything a home near where you use it most. You’re far more likely to put it back when you’re finished with it resulting in less clutter and a tidy home.