By packing all your possessions in an organised methodical way you’ll save a lot of stress and unpack alot quicker in your new home.

  1. Declutter before you begin packing

    Or even better before you put your house on the market so that it’s clutter free and super tidy for photos and viewings. Clutter distracts potential buyers and makes them think the house doesn’t have enough storage space. Decluttering before you pack to move house also means you’ll have less to pack and will only move I to your new home with things you love and need.

  2. Put aside a box of essential items to go in your car for when you arrive at your new house

    You might arrive before your removal van or you just might not want to unpack on your first night so have essentials at hand will be a life saver. We’re talking kettle and tea bags with a couple of mugs and milk. Toothbrushes, toothpaste and pjs. And of course toilet roll! Important paperwork and passports are also useful to pack separately so that they dont go missing in the move.

  3. Invest in strong boxes and packing tape

    The last thing you need on moving day is to move a box and have all the contents fall out the bottom. Strong boxes and a good quality packing tape will prevent this from happening. Tape over the top and bottom a couple of times for good measure.

  4. Use different size boxes

    Little boxes for heavy books and big boxes for duvets and kitchen gadgets.

  5. Pack everyting for one room together

    Don’t run around like a headless chicken packing bathroom toiletries with your kitchen utensils. Pack so that each box only has items for one room. This tip will make unpacking in you new home a breeze.

  6. Use your blankets, sheets, towels and pillow cases to protect your fragile items

    I know, I know. I’ve just told gousto pack everything for one room together and you don’t keep your pillowcases in your kitchen but this one is an exception as it will save you some money and the environment as you’ll need less bubble wrap and wrapping paper.

  7. Pack small bits and bobs in your tupperware

    Ok so this is kind of another exception to tip number 6 but a good one. You dont want small bits and pieces rattling around in the bottom of boxes to get lost or broken so put them in your Tupperware. A good example would be to pack all your cutlery in a Tupperware box or small bathroom toiletries.

  8. Label your boxes

    Write on every box what you’ve packed inside and what room it belongs in in your new house. Write the room on a couple of sides of the box so your removal men can see it clearly. Labelling your boxes means you don’t have to open every box and rifle through it if you need something before you’ve gotten round to unpacking.

As professional organisers we offer an unpacking and settling in service so that everything’s organised in your new home from day one. If you’re moving to Sussex contact us for a quote.