Feeling overwhelmed and just need some motivation to start decluttering? Need to declutter but not sure you want a stranger to go through everything you own, even if they have seen it all before? Our Declutter Masterclass is for you. Two hours of pure motivation from a Professional Organiser to start decluttering and sort your home out DIY style.

Chloe, organised:style’s founder and head Professional Organiser, will come round and advise you on how to declutter and organise your home. We’ll cover where to start, tips on training your brain to let go of your clutter, the foolproof 3 step process you can use on any space in your home, tips on organising your clutter hotspots and reassurance that you’ve got what it takes to turn your home into the tidy space you deserve.

As well as two hours of advice, personalised tips and motivation to start decluttering you’ll receive the organised:style Simple Guide to Decluttering Pack which includes:

  • The simple 3 step process outlined in your Declutter Masterclass
  • Large signs for your boxes used in the 3 step process
  • 3 quick declutter tasks that will help train your brain to let go
  • Checklist of over 200 items you can throw away today
  • Project list of small areas to declutter for those times you just can’t decide which space to declutter next
  • Tips for decluttering and organising each room of your home
  • Cleaning checklist for your new clutter free home

You’ll also receive 10% off a Home Organiser session so that we can make your home work for you once you’ve cleared the clutter.

Why not split the cost and make it a party and invite a fabulous friend or two to learn how to declutter along with you. They’ll receive a PDF version of our Simple Guide to Decluttering as well as their own backup option of 10% off their first session with organised:style.