Our declutter service could be for any space in your home, whether it be a corner of a room, a cupboard, wardrobe, home office, workshop, shed, children’s rooms, the kitchen or the whole house! No area is too big or small for our professional organisers to declutter and organise.

The declutter service is for you if:

  • You can’t find anything when you need it
  • You can’t think clearly due to all the stuff around you
  • You’re overwhelmed by all the mess
  • It takes you so long to tidy up that you struggle to find time to do it
  • You lack storage in your house
  • You can never find anything to wear even though there are clothes everywhere
  • You need to make space in your home and you can’t find any

If you can relate to any of the above then we can help. We’ll make sure you have a place for everything and you’ll know where to find what you need when you need it. You’ll have more time to enjoy life. Your home will be less stressful and tidying up will be so easy you might even enjoy it!

We support you every step of the way and guide you in making decision on what to keep and how to let go. There are a lot of decisions to be made which can be very tiring, which is probably why you’ve failed to declutter on your own. Our job is to keep you going, ensuring those decisions are made and that you’re happy with them. Throughout each session you’ll learn vital techniques to keep the clutter away and organisation skills you can use moving forward in your clutter free life.

“Thank you so much, I can’t stop admiring the cupboard and draws. I am over the moon with the results!”

Amanda R in Brighton and Hove

If you think you’ve got what it takes to declutter on your own and just need some advice on where to start and motivation to get going take a look at our Declutter Masterclass – 2 hours of pure motivation to start decluttering along with personalised tips, advice on where to start and our Simple Guide to Decluttering pack.

Benefits of hiring a professional organiser

Better health

And happiness due to less stress, better hygiene and a feeling of relief that you’re back in control.

More time

You’ll spend less time looking for things and have more time to do the things you actually enjoy doing.

A tidy home

A beautiful tidy happier home that you actually enjoy spending time in.

Better social life

Admittedly you’re probably not going to make friends just because you have a tidy home but you will be happy to invite people in for a cup of tea or a glass of wine.

More money

You’ll stop buying duplicate items, you may even sell some of the items you decide to let go of and make back the money you spent on the professional organiser!

Weight loss

We can’t guarantee it but according to a study by Cornell University you’ll eat less junk food!

Meet your professional organiser

Chloe Professional Organiser and Declutterer

Hello I’m Chloe, founder and head Professional Organiser and Declutter of organised:style, I personally carry out all our declutter projects and am passionate about helping you organise your home to make it work for you, making your home the calm, relaxing space you deserve. Having experienced first-hand what having a cluttered home can do to your state of mind, I’m on a mission to sort Sussex out and make your homes and lives organised, tidy and as stress free as possible.

I am a member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers and abide by their code of ethics, fully insured and hold an ICO certificate under the data protection act.

association of professional declutterers and organisers

Being a busy mum of two I know how quickly clutter can accumulate around the home and get out of control quickly. Not being able to find what you need when you need it is incredibly frustrating, stressful and unnecessary. You’ll find that being surrounded by only the things you love and need in your life and having a place for everything has a positive impact on your mindset and makes for a much easier, less stressful life that you feel more in control of.

As a professional organiser and declutter, Chloe can help you achieve your goal to live in an organised, tidy, relaxing space. Think of her as your clutter coach, helping you understand why you accumulate clutter and motivating you to make decisions and stay focused on your goal. Your mindset will change and you’ll learn how to let go. No matter how messy your space is we’ve seen worse so there’s no need to be embarrassed. Chloe has experienced extreme clutter herself, you’ll find there’s no judgement, only empathy and understanding. A professional organiser and declutter won’t throw everything you own away or force you to, all choices of what to keep and what can go will be completely yours. You’ll be guided on making those decisions and you’ll learn organisation techniques to help you maintain a clutter free life.

So many spaces in our homes are inefficiently used causing us to spend more time looking for what we need or buying double because we couldn’t find it. I can help organise areas of your home to make the most use of the space available. the end result is increased productivity and an area makes the most of its potential to suit your needs and lifestyle.


How to get started

STEP 1. Call 07523 063740 for an informal chat about your space and to book a consultation.
STEP 2. Chloe comes round for a consultation to assess your space and make sure you’re right for each other.
STEP 3. Let the decluttering commence…it really is as easy as picking up the phone to get started!

Consultation – £25
Payable at the end of the consultation, this is then refunded if you book a session with us within 3 months.

Maintenance to remain clutter free – £25 per hour
Maintenance is key to staying clutter free. Our maintenance package is perfect for those of you that struggle to stay clutter free and have no time to maintain the organisation systems I put in place. I can return on weekly, monthly or even annually to make sure you continue living a clutter free life.

Costs include

  • bin bags
  • labels and stationary
  • removal of what can fit in my car to be donated to charity
  • travel within 20 miles of Worthing, West Sussex. Travel further than this is charged at 45p per mile.

We can also create bespoke packages to suit your budget and needs.

Frequently asked questions about our declutter service

How long will it take to declutter?
This depends on the size of the space, the amount of clutter and how quick you are in making decisions of whether to keep or let go of each item. The declutter process can be tiring, there are a lot of decisions to make so decluttering sessions are in blocks of no more than 4 hours at a time.

Why do I need a professional organiser to help me declutter?
Decluttering a lifetime of stuff is hard work, both physically and emotionally. It’s also overwhelming to even start on. I can make it a lot easier for you as I’m detached from your belongings and can bring some perspective on whether you need or love an item. My role is to help you get to the root of why your the clutter exists and reset your mindset which will help you make a real long lasting change. You’ll also learn techniques and strategies to stay clutter free once I’m gone I’ll also keep you motivated to finish clearing the clutter, on your own you’re likely to get distracted or mull on the sentimentality of individual pieces and it’ll likely take you forever! If you just feel you need some motivation to start and advice on how best to tackle your clutter take a look at our Declutter Masterclass.

How long does an organisation project usually take?
This depends on the size of the space, the amount of clutter you have and your ability to make decisions quickly. Kitchens can be quicker places to declutter and organise as you hold less sentimentality to the contents than lofts or garages full of memorabilia. As a guide, If you are reasonably quick at making decisions we can declutter and organise a large storage cupboard in around 3 hours.

Why do you charge for a consultation?
There is a small charge for the consultation to cover our time and travel. The consultation fee is refunded off your first session if you book within 3 months which helps to motivate you to make the booking and start your journey to living clutter free. We can’t help but give out tips and advice during the consultation so its money well spent if you decide not to go ahead and book a session.

I can’t afford a 4 hour session are there any other options?
Yes, we also offer a DIY Declutter Masterclass for £60. The masterclass takes place in your home and covers where to start, tips on training your brain to let go of your clutter, the foolproof 3 step process you can use on any area, tips on organising your clutter hotspots and reassurance that you’ve got what it takes to turn your home into the tidy space you deserve. You’ll also receive our Simple Guide to Decluttering pack which includes lots of tips and advice for organising your home. Learn more about our Declutter Masterclass.

What hours do you work?
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Weekend sessions are available but will be charged an extra £5 per hour.

I’m so busy all the time, do I need to be home for you to do your magic?
For decluttering yes, you do. You need to be there to make the decisions of what to keep and what to throw, sell or donate. Our role is to help you get to the root of why you accumulate possessions and have trouble letting go so that you can make a real long lasting change. You’ll also learn organisation skills and techniques and strategies to stay clutter free once I’m gone.

I really need your help but I’m too busy to maintain any sort of organisation is there any point?
Yes there is! You can also hire us to come back weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually to maintain your new, organised clutter free life.

Can you help me if I’m a hoarder?
Unfortunately not. Hoarding is a medical condition that I’m not trained to help with. However, I’d be happy to put you in touch with a specialist.

I don’t have any clutter, I’m just messy and disorganised, can you still help me?
Yes, definitely. We have a home organisation service, I can give you strategies and techniques to organise areas of your home so that tidying up will take you just minutes.

Will you make me throw everything away?
No, not at all. You will make all the decisions on what to keep or throw. I’ll be there to guide you on how to make those decisions and coach you to look at the real reasons you hold on to things and why you have trouble letting go. I don’t believe you should live in stark minimalism, rather that you should only have the things you love or need around you. I also believe in great storage. If you insist you love everything we’ll find space for storing it all

Do you take everything away with you afterwards?
I take as many of your donations to charity that I can fit in my car. I am passionate about avoiding waste so will find homes for your items to those in need in the community. You can feel good knowing that your items are going to good homes to those less fortunate or donated to a worthy cause. Unfortunately I cannot remove any waste from your home.

Can you help me sell the items I decide I don’t want to keep?
I am happy to advise you on the best places to sell certain items.

What areas do you cover?
We cover East and West Sussex, travel is included within 20 miles of Worthing including Chichester, Henfield, Haywards Heath, Horsham, Steyning, Shoreham, Brighton and Hove and Lewes. After 20 miles travel is 0.45p per mile.

Start your journey to a clutter free life today!

Call Chloe on 07523 063740 for an informal chat about your organising project.